I Am Gullible


About Me

I am Jackie Smith and I'm the most gullible person you will ever know. I will beleive anything about anyone. my friends tell me stuff all the time and I beleive them. If I was told that hush puppies was made out of real dogs, I wouldn't eat them. My dad tells met that they are made out of black eyed peas and to this day, I still believe him.

My Skills

Darth Vader started WWII87%
"Gullibe" is no longer in the dictonary96%
Gullible is a disorder 77%

Latest Things I've Beleived

Somebody once said to me that french frys at McDonalds will never be digested because they are made with formaldehyde.

Computer Beliefs

Computer Beliefs

If you hold a mouse up to your ear, you can hear it squeaking when you move the dial. It sounds like I'm tickeling him

Basket Weaving

Basket Weaving Underwater

I once asked for a class to learn more about underwater basket weaving. I was told this was a real class that college football players took.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair It's Free

I was once told to pick my keyboard up and drop it to let the computer know who's boss. The first time, IT WORKED! But from then on out, every one laughs at me when I do it.

Contact Me

Do you want to see your spouce, friend or co-worker on this website? If so, you can do it for $5 a day. Just send us an email with the pick of the person you think is gullible and some dumb stuff they've fallen for and we will put them on this website. Wouldn't it be funny when you say "When you go to iamgullible.com, you will see your picture"?


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